Academic Director's Message

Our mission at Children School is definitive. Here each child receives an education which is skill based and develops his critical and logical thinking. Every child is trained to build an irrevocable conviction about right and wrong and evolves as a unique individual capable of taking stock of each situation, forming correct decisions without losing sight of the societal values. Thus we carry forward the pursuit of B.E.S and progress in its vision of a humane community.

We help each child start his journey towards excellence by facilitating and not interfering in the course of his/her development. We believe that every child is not only an asset to the family, community, school or nation but to the entire world. Therefore, from the planning and designing of the curriculum to its delivery, both strategic learning and quality learning to all policies, programs and procedures are directed in achieving their goal of excellence.

The exponential growth of technology and the vastly transformed educational scenario has necessitated corresponding changes in our structure and procedure. Keeping pace with this paradigm shift we have initiated a system where by the school will provide extensive information to the parents about their wards .The parents will get the daily record of activity in school, absenteeism of their ward and the updates directly through the SMS. They will also have access to a graphical analysis of their ward’s academic progress, his attendance record, Timetable, class syllabus, Date Sheet of Formative and Summative assessments along with instant Photo & Video Gallery. An added feature is the online access to the School Library and Teachers.

This initiative has been taken in collaboration with the Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. under the E-Care Systems. The E-care will assist the school in maintaining the tripartite relation of the school, students and the parents.

Mrs. Nandini Verma
 (Academic Director)