Recommendations to Parents

  1. The principal will be accessible to the parent's to answer their questions, resolve their problems, difficulties and welcome their suggestions.
  2. Every month parent / guardians are welcome for special PTA with teachers in given schedule time.
  3. Parents and guardians are prohibited to visit any class room or go upstairs to meet directly to the teachers or their wards. They should kindly contact the principal / In charge to get their permission.
  4. For a better growth and an all round development of the child the relationship between the parent's and teachers is the key factor. To have knowledge about the progress and performance of one's child the parents should make it a point to attend the parent teachers meeting regularly. The parents are also expected to take part in the deliberations and also give their valuable suggestions which are always welcome. The parents should also meet the principal/class teachers when called for in their own interest and also know about the latest developments in the school.
  5. Parent / Guardian are requested to put a tick mark () in the areas in which they would help the school.
    (a) Dance (b) Drama
    (c) Debate (d) Music
    (e) Art (f) Cooking
    (g) Library Science (h) Handy craft, sketching
    (i) Stitching (k) Any other area, specify
  6. Parents shall sign the Progress reports or any other information when so required.
  7. Parents and Guardians are requested to inform any changes in their address and phone no to the school office.
  8. Student who fail in the same class for two years in succession, will not be allowed to remain in school.
  9. Students coming late without any genuine reason will not be permitted to attend classes.