Our School

Children School is a progressive educational institution committed to provide quality education to it's students. Our core philosophy is underlined in these three words: Learn, Explore and Interact. These guide us through a holistic learning environment, promoting experiments in education & fostering close ties between the teacher and the child respectively. The school aims to unfold the infinite and hidden potential in each child, signifying the school’s identity.

A schooling system and setup, which is served up by experienced, highly qualified, devoted & dedicated faculty members equally complemented by caring, trained, closely supervised and helping support staff.

We literally feel & believe in over all comprehensive grooming & nurturing our students & thus mooted our efforts to achieve this goal.

Highly professional individuals to prop up all those activities effectively monitored and administrated to glorify our administration department.

We always prefer to work on model of mental development, strength and exposure for our students maintaining sound equilibrium with their respective class room studies.

We believe & work on family pattern that is why we say, we don’t take admissions but we own kids to our Children’s family.

Digital Classes to make the teaching more interactive and convenient, we have also come up with a new E-Care services, online portal and SMS Service to bridge the gap between Teachers, Parents & Students.

Summer camps for our young guns to have lot of fun in summer vacation.